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Josephina's Jamal

Sacred Engraved Glassware



" Lara is a very very gifted woman. I have found her work to have tremendous depth. I have found she has awakened and opened new flow. The craniosacral sessions and energy work provided me with new awareness I didn't know and has integrated my entire being. I am deeply grateful and know I am on the right path - no question!"

 - AMS, Brand Development/Company Management

“ When I came to see Lara, my arm was in terrific pain and I had ‘fear of abandonment’ emotional issues. 24 hours after our session, the pain in my arm was completely gone, and I have felt peace and serenity all week. ”  

- MA, Food Server    

“ She’s amazingly sensitive to my body and also to the deeper issues that are being moved under her hands... I am able to feel settled and can finally let go. I can see how this helps bonding between moms and babies because we can be more present to what our children are trying to express. ” 

- NP, Marriage and Family Counselor

" Though I can't really adequately put it into words yet, the energy in my digestion area has changed in what I can only describe as positive or that it feels happy. A new experience. Thank you so much! "

- KM, Air Traffic Controller

" Hi Lara, I wanted to tell you that I'm feeling better!! I slept in until almost 9 am and had a dream which I haven't had in a long time. This morning I'm feeling less tired, less like I'm underwater, and my body/head/mind really feel better too. Thank you again for the work. "

- DR, Clerk Official