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Josephina's Jamal

Sacred Engraved Glassware


Josephina's Jamal Sacred Glassware & Art

Sacred Ecology

Did you know that sacred words and prayers written on or into water will create beautiful molecular configurations and raise its spiritual healing vibration? This higher energy water can hydrate, heal, and dispel negativity. When you vocally recite sacred prayers or bless your food, water, and drink before you consume it, this positive healing effect is multiplied! What's more, using re-usable recyclable glass softens the footprint on the earth by reducing use of plastics which leach unhealthy chemicals into our world. 

All Josephina's Jamal products have been thoughtfully designed to encourage us all to be more mindful of our Divine essence and caring for the planet. To remember who you really ARE!

Blessings in a Bottle

The bottles and various art pieces I make are amazingly ornate hand-etched creations containing Arabic healing prayers of protection and sacred texts that will infuse your water with divine light. The idea was inspired by the works of researcher Masuru Emoto who recently passed away.

Each piece is uniquely made with prayerful and healing intent using pressurized sand. They may have slight variations as a result. They can be custom made to order. Please contact me for orders and inquiries.

Josephina's Jamal

The vision of creating sacred engraved glass and artwork originated from my Master's practicum in Sufi Spiritual Ministry at the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism. I meditated deeply and asked the Universally Merciful One about how to give in a deeply healing way and to create blessing for others, my family, and myself.

One of the goals of Josephina's Jamal is to donate 3% of the net proceeds to non-profit charity organizations that are successfully active in helping to serve communities and people in need. Your purchase is helping this vision manifest and to spread goodness on the Earth.

If your organization is looking for a way to raise funds for charity, I may be able to offer certain art pieces at lower prices for auctions, fund-raisers, special awards, and gifts.

Please visit my Gallery to view more beautiful items.

All are for available for purchase!